B.Light Restore Evo

    B.Light Restore Evo

    B.Light Restore Evo

    The special feature of the B.Light Restore Evo application module is the combination of highly effective red light and infrared light. This allows its beneficial effect to penetrate into the deeper-lying layers of the skin. In conjunction with the BEMER therapy, it can thus help to temporarily alleviate mild muscle and joint pain. It can also help to relax muscle tissue and temporarily increase localized blood circulation. And it couldn’t be more convenient – simply hold the applicator in the B.Grip Evo against the desired area of skin. It not only feels good, it also looks good: B.Light Restore Evo can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. (Infrared light of this kind is invisible to the naked eye, so the glow from the infrared diodes is not visible either.)

    It’s all about the depth effect!

    Lady in living room with B.Light Restore Evo
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    3-year guarantee

    3-year guarantee

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